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Years of my creativity unfolded around 1990 with the thoughts  “I can do that.”


As a self taught artist endowed with creative intelligence and an innovated flair, ever-changing technology resulted into many professional artistic  accomplishments.


Creativity comes from the heart. With the sharing of this gift, heirlooms and keepsakes (wedding dresses, shirts, blankets, purses, etc.) and nostalgic treasures have been transformed into cherished items one holds dear. Heirlooms and keepsakes have a story to tell.


Sewing and painting have always been a great love which has propelled me into professional design work encompassing art, sewing, embroidery and other mediums.
Wedding dress customization became a specialty along with other alterations.
As a participant in local artwork initiatives, teaching sewing and crafts has been a fulfilling part of my life. I also learn from students.


Displaying other facets of my creativity are the embroidered custom greeting cards that provide an unparalleled range of unique and exquisite choices.


My ultimate goal is to fulfill a client’s dream. “I want to touch as many people in as many places as possible. I’m very blessed to be doing what I’m doing ~ something that I love and am passionate about.”


My husband is the love of my life and soul mate. He has given me so much inspiration, support and freedom along this journey.


NEXT:  If only my husband would allow me to have a saw!


Please feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or requests. I would love to hear from you.

Who is Joy?
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