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Welcome to Keepsakes by Joy!

Click on the images to view galleries of Joyce's beautiful creations or click here to enter the creative world of Joyce White.

Joyce White is the artist and crafter behind all creations at Keepsakes by Joy. Her many years of experience has culled her craft and given her the distinction of one of the best in Ormond Beach, Volusia County and beyond. Joyce has been helping creating lasting memories for her clients and she would be pleased to create something for you that you would be proud to wear at your wedding or hand down through the generations, knowing that the craftmanship can stand the test of time.

Joyce is highly skilled and a great choice when you need your wedding dress altered to fit properly. Your wedding day will be one to remember.


Perhaps you need a clothing alteration or have a party to go to and need a costume or special outfit ~ Joyce is here to meet your needs and make your day, no matter what the occassion, a special day to remember. Just click on Keepsakes & Such in the menu above and you will enter the creative world of Joyce White.


Browse through this site and see some of the many (although not all) of the creations that Joyce has created and learn a little about the difference between a Keepsake and a Heirloom. And if you need something that you do not see mentioned that has to do with sewing, embroidery or painting ~ use the Contact page and give Joyce a little information and a way to contact you. The talents of Joyce are many. Read her About the Artist page to find out more.

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